The Spiny Lobster Initiative

The Spiny Lobster Initiative, working with Caribbean coastal communities of Honduras and Nicaragua, is the Global FISH Alliance's first targeted effort. By connecting stakeholders from fishers, divers, and trappers, to inspectors, processers, and importers, the alliance aims to foster open dialogue on common goals and collaborative actions to create system-wide change that will sustain the spiny lobster population.

Throughout the Caribbean, high demand has led to over fishing and destructive practices. Lobster stocks are reported to be down by at least 35 percent over the last several years. Fishers have had to travel farther and fish in deeper waters, and fishing in deeper waters means more commercial diving for lobsters, threatening both the lobster population and the divers themselves. Hundreds of young men have suffered permanent injury due to unsafe diving practices.

Stakeholders demonstrate the energy and commitment to pull together and commit to changes that will help sustain the fishery. Working Groups, formed and planned Whole-System-in-the-Room (WSR) meetings to bring together those most invested in and concerned with the spiny lobster population to develop plans for action and network with each other, establishing meaningful connections based on empathy and understanding.


Jimmy Andino Mejia
Spiny Lobster Initiative-Honduras

Jennifer Barker
Spiny Lobster Initiative


Iniciativa de la Langosta Espinosa (Spanish)


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