Some Pros And Cons Of Overfishing

Human beings are incredibly lucky because they have a planet that is made up of 71% of water. Water happens to be one of the most important resources of food and many other things. Water has always been a resource, and we need to appreciate it more. There are more than three .5 billion individuals who are immensely dependent on the ocean as their only and primary source of food. There are a lot of people in the world who depend on fishing to eat every single day. This is why the numbers of fish are rapidly diminishing every single day. The habitats of many creatures are being threatened by overfishing. In this guide, I will be talking about some pros and cons of overfishing.

The dumping of plastic in the ocean has become a significant threat. For example, there is a plastic Island, the size of Texas in the ocean. It is catastrophic, indeed. It goes into the systems of many marine creatures and kills them, and we need to stop this. Almost 100,000,000 sharks are killed for their meat and orphans, and it is actually illegal to do so, but people still do it anyway. Twenty million tonnes of marine life is destroyed for humanity’s greed. It is honestly pathetic, what we are doing to the ocean, something that is incredibly important to us.



  1. Fishing has actually created a lot of job opportunities for millions of individuals. Since aquaculture became a huge thing, a lot of jobs have been made available to so many individuals. These jobs have been able to fund the lives of a lot of people.
  2. It provides a whole new set of skills.
  3. It also helps in boosting the economy, and it helps people eat healthier. Seafood is considered very healthy, when compared to other meats.
  4. Sometimes, fishing can help replenish the marine life, when there are some overpopulation problems in the sea or ocean.



  1. It certainly causes a huge dent in the marine life population. It is true for a large number of species out that. It also has caused the extinction of thousands of species in the oceans. Fishermen do not know which species of fish are endangered; they grab whatever they can get in the net and take it to their village to eat or sell.
  2. It can actually cause overpopulation of other species. When sharks were over fist, it resulted in the overcrowding of jellyfish and this, in turn, made the water very unsafe for humans to swim in.
  3. Overfishing has been known to increase pollution, and it makes it very unsafe.

It also causes a total collapse of fish stock. When too much commercial fishing is made, some seas are uninhabitable to many kinds of marine life.

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